SEO and Adwords..

Do you want to see your website on top pages of google search? yes, we can do it for you. Having website for business is not enough today, as everything is moving to online web, you should stand out to get ahead of competition.
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Website Development

The web is an information highway travelled by millions of customers, prospects and partners. We provide all aspects of web design and development such as Static website, Responsive website, Animations, Graphic Designs, Hosting and Support.

Social Media Marketing

We build social media followers for your brand who are your potential customers and keep them engage with your brand stories, offers and promotions which result in increased brand value and sales for you. We promote your brand on social media which is media of today's communication which includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and many more.

Yotta can be your best partner for digital marketing. We are Google Certified, Inbound Certified and e-marketing certified agency.


Lead Generation

We help our clients find new customers and increase their business in over 20 countries. These leads are generated through various online and offline channels. Which includes registering to business directories, listing on trade portal, email campaigns, building a database of prospective clients through internet search, and many more. Backed by smart marketing technology and proven prospecting processes, we give you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales numbers through our lead generation services.
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Yotta belives in...

We believe in laying strong foundations and building long term relationships with our customers. For us "success" is defined as a mutually beneficial, and long - lasting goal attained through patience and perseverance.

Emails and Newsletters

Connect with customers in just a few clicks! Use emails to reach a large number of people in less time and money. Allow Email marketing to give a massive boost to business. Customize your message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through emails.

CRM - Practical, Effective

At YOTTA we are taking CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to next level so that it helps you to acquire more customers, provide them better service and portrait yourself as a high level professional company. Get ready to sell Faster, Smarter, Better with YOTTA CRM

Web Analytics

We will monitor and analyze user behavior on your site, monitoring your sales funnel and finding problematic pages on your site preventing visitors from contacting you or ordering from your website directly. The results of our web analytics service will give you an insight on what should be improved on the site to make it more productive and profitable. Want to know more about how we can help to improve your website's performance?

Application Development

Our team of experienced, cross functions and technical experts can help you identify the right technology and develop your application. We understand and use varied development methodologies when it comes to developing a website, software product and various types of solutions.
  • Web Applications
  • Marketplace
  • Professional Networks
  • Team Portals
  • Mobile Applications